DIY Eclectic Dresser

Having four children means I have a lot of shoes in my home. I was thinking about having a piece of furniture to house the shoes when they are not worn. I started looking online at entryway benches and chests as a means to solve the problem. I found that many of them were about $100 or more which isn’t too bad, but they were not exactly visually pleasing. I thought that it would be nice to have a piece of furniture that was visually pleasing especially since it is the first thing someone would see as they enter my home. I decided that a nicely painted dresser would be great. Plus it provides more storage than a chest or bench.  So now I was on a quest to find a dresser to design and paint. Luckily a few days later my neighbor put a dresser out on her curb. It was structurally sound so I brought it home. (Funny thing is when I gutted my kitchen she took my old kitchen cabinets. 🙂 ) The best part of the dresser is that it was free. IMAG0648   IMAG0649   IMAG0650

As you can see the dresser needed a new paint finish . The teenager who had the dresser used some puffy paint so I needed to scrap that off and sand the dresser initially. Once i was finished sanding i applied a gray primer on top to adhere to the original finish and to allow the new paint to bond well.

IMAG0658   IMAG0657   IMAG0654   IMAG0661

My next step was coming up with a decorative design. I drew the design I wanted unto poster board and then cut out my design with an exacto knife. I created my own design so it would be custom sized to the dresser. I made a design that fit the top and sides. I then created a design for the drawers. I taped the DIY stencil to my dresser and used spray paint to fill in the design. Because I used spray paint I did get some over spray, but that is ok, I can touch it up later. If I do something like this again I will use double sided tape to tape the stencil to the object better or use a sponging technique.

IMAG0679   IMAG0678   IMAG0682   IMAG0683

Here is my finished result. I will also spray a layer of clear coat and work on finding some drawer pulls.

IMAG0680 IMAG0686