Brainstorm about pond liners

After researching many different sites and raking my own brain I have discovered a large array of pond liners and ideas. Originally I was simply going to line my pond with hand poured concrete. However, after lining my streambed and experiencing the immense amount of labor, I decided not to. But I did not change my mind because of the labor; I changed my mind due to its permanency. I have been thinking that if all goes well with my pond I may decide to create a natural swimming pool in my backyard once my children are older. A natural swimming pool has many similarities to a pond except that it is large enough to swim in. A natural swimming pool uses NO CHEMICALS!!!! Plants are used to filter the water and keep it clean.

Now back to pond liners. Most home improvement centers carry the basic black plastic pond liners. Some also carry the premade pond forms. You can also check places like craigslist and the freecycle groups to see if anyone is giving them away. A good friend of mine lives between Indiana and Kentucky. She used the basic pond liner, she told me her father on the other hand is using an old swimming pool liner and it has lasted many years. Another idea occurred to me was to get the roof liner and simply glue it together to make it the size I need.

I have not made my final decision yet as cost is a factor. I want a beautiful long lasting pond as cheap as possible. I would rather invest in plants, rocks and the pump than the liner. I have made a decision regarding the underlayment, I will use newspaper. I have read that newspaper is one of the best. I am currently collecting newspaper now.

My house is basically on a sand dune. I literally have beach sand in my yards with some rocks, but they are not a big deal as with homes located closer to the mountain. In fact once I have dug about 13 – 16 inches there are no longer any rocks. Based on the natural soil composite of my yard I have read that I can by a thinner pond liner, but I would like it long lasting so I will continue to think about what I will do.

Another factor determining my decision is the color. I really do not want a black pond. I want my backyard to be an oasis with a greenish blue pond. I did run across a site yesterday that sparked some an idea. I will write about it in another post.