El Paso’s Cold Snap of February 2011

This year, 2011, in early February El Paso experienced a cold snap which drove out temperatures down into the single digits and below zero at night.  As a result many plants in the area severely suffered. Palm trees lost all of their leaves; many Mexican elders and Palo Verde are only coming back up from the roots. I have seen quite a few Mesquite die including my own, although some have simply been incredibly slow to resprout. Some palms have grown leaves again while others are being removed by home owners. I also lost two pyracantha vines completely and the other two are coming back up from the root. I had a beautiful four year old star jasmine growing around one of the posts of my patio, I thought it had completely died but it did eventually start coming back from the roots, as did one I had just planted the previous summer. Nearly every oleander in the area froze down to the roots so they are all coming up from the ground as well. It was a lot of botanical devastation. I am sure local nurseries, gardeners and outdoor contractors are experiencing a boost in business. There is a new plant nursery close to my home which has large trees for sale. They are costly but their sizes are impressive and you can quickly achieve a mature look in your garden. Since my son is so heartbroken over the loss of the mesquite he spent hours climbing in, I am seriously thinking about buying a larger tree so he can start climbing again sooner than later. It was a place of comfort for him. For me it will be well worth the money spent and the tree I have my eye on is a marvelous specimen.