Nonnative El Paso Creatures

This past year El Paso had a lot of rain. SomeĀ parts of the city flooded. I got to see some interesting critters in my garden that I did not know I had because they normally do not live in the desert. I probably brought them home from Lowe’s and instead of dying in the arid sand they thrived a reproduced. I now have earthworms and snails! I felt pretty good when I saw them because I must be doing something right. I still have mushrooms too. šŸ™‚

IMAG0622 IMAG2134 IMAG2133 IMAG2132 IMAG2131

Now you may think those are little flecks of dirt, but they are tiny round snails! El Paso does have some snails and they usually have coned shaped houses, so these are not native to the area.


A Desert Anomaly!!! Mushrooms????


I have mushrooms!!! Yes, in my courtyard which has its own unique microclimate, there are mushrooms. These are not puney either! They are big white mushrooms! God has graced us with some cooler days and rain this past week, but even before the rain I had two of these growing, well now I have five! (I think are a few smaller ones coming as well.) My children automatically assumed they are poison!! I explained that they may not be but we should be safer than sorry.

These mushrooms are growing at the base of my trumpet vine in the courtyard. This is my trumpet vine’s second season. I didnt have any mushrooms last year so these fungus spores either came in with the wind or the pesky pigeons I have nesting on my roof.