My Mimosa

I have a Mimosa tree that I purchased last year. I bought it because I love how the Mimosa flower smells. It has more of a perfume aroma than a flower scent. From research about them they are supposed to grow pretty fast. They have compound leaves which close in the evening. The flowers look like pink puff balls. My mimosa had an injury due to the winds, it did not die however some of the branches did not leaf out this spring. I am not sure if I should go ahead and cut those branches off or not. Here is a picture. If you have any advice it is welcome.

In fall of 2014 I decided to go ahead and copice my mimosa. Now we are in March 2015 and I would like to share with you the results. As you can see it worked out great my mimosa is coming back it already has about the same amount of growth that it had when I first cut it all off. I am confident that over the course of the 2015 growing season my Mimosa will probably be bigger than if I had not copied my tree. I did not copice it down to the ground. Only below the scar from wind damage. 




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  1. The Backyard Gardener
    Oct 28, 2014 @ 10:07:16

    It’s been a couple of years, how’s your mimosa doing?


    • elpasonovicegardener
      Jan 08, 2015 @ 13:59:46

      My mimosa stagnated very badly. It kept blooming but there was very little growth, so this year I went for it and copiced it. I have updated my thread with the pictures. It grew new shoots very quickly. I made sure to copice it under the wind damage it had. I am hoping to have a burst of growth this spring.


  2. Urban Hum Gardener
    Jan 10, 2015 @ 06:42:53

    Can you provide a link to the update so I can see the progress? I searched but don’t see it.


  3. Urban Hum Gardener
    Apr 16, 2015 @ 08:32:12

    I see it now. Wow, nice thick trunk and healthy, green leaves. Looks great!


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