My Chitalpa

I finally purchased a Chitalpa. I nearly bought a very expensive one. I am so glad I wander through the Lowe’s nursery on a regular basis. I found a tall multi-trunked Chitalpa tree for only $68.00. The trunks are quite thick and it is about 6 feet tall. This particular Chitalpa also has larger leaves than most I have seen. I hope they stay large as the tree matures. Behind the Chitalpa near the rock wall I have a small peach tree I rescued from the Wal-mart gardening center for only $3.00 about two years ago. It has nearly been dug out by one of my dogs, however it is doing great. It has some large sized peaches. I will have to make a blog post about it as well. Once I planted the Chitalpa tree in the left side of my backyard yard, I felt a sense of completion, as far has plants go. Now I only have to wait for these trees and plants to mature. As for the rest of the yard well . . . .  I will discuss it my natural pool posts.

Chitalpa May 2015 


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  1. Urban Hum Gardener
    Jan 10, 2015 @ 07:01:36

    Lovely tree. Have you heard of Cordia sebestena, geiger tree? I saw one in the USVI close to the ocean. It was dry and hot on the spot it grew but it thrived and had wonderful flowers and hummingbirds on it. I wonder how it would do if it was babied in Texas, perhaps in a container brought in at night.


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