Topiaries are a gorgeous addition to any garden. They give a garden a more constructed look which I find attractive next to wild natural plants. I recently came across some tall spiral topiaries in Home Depot. I have never seen them before. I was quite surprised that they have tiny leaves, what was more surprising was the price. About $80.00 for a 36” plant!!! I wanted 2 of them, but now I just don’t know. They are so expensive. I am wondering if I am better off getting two fakes for my front door instead. I really like the look a lot. Maybe I should wait until next year. I am not sure yet. Plus I will have to maintain their shape, which I am sure will not be too bad if I keep up with it. I am also thinking it would be nice to have one or two around my pond area. It would be a different vertical element besides the basic tree.

Another type of topiary I admire is the small shrub that is cut into various globes of different sizes. I really like how they look as well. I have seen them at Sam’s last year prices at $50.00. They were small plants. I guess it is expensive to cut and care for these plants. These may be the last things I add into my yard due to their cost and I would want to see everything else grown in first before adding them.  Unless! I keep them in pots and can move them around at will.

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