I am so happy summer has arrived. What a great way to start the season with a teeny tiny bit of rain. LOL I know we had a long drought this year and although the rain did little more than dirty our vehicles it was a nice sight to see some clouds in the sky. I want to apologize for not posting for a while. I had some gardener’s mourning because my mesquite has died. It has been removed. I should probably call it my son’s mesquite. He spent ours in it every day. It had a space in the middle that was a hideout for him. Every day he asks me if I am going to buy him another big tree to climb in. AWWWWW!! I did find a nice replacement. It is large but expensive so hopefully I can eventually buy it.

I have a lot of ideas swimming around my head for my various yards. I have a backyard, a tiny courtyard, some front yard areas, a side yard and a passage way to the backyard on one side of the house. Each of these areas need some attention and garden design. I also have a deck that is above my sunroom, which too needs to be finished so I will post my goals for my home. I do not have a timeframe on these projects but they are what I would like to see happen for my outside living areas.

1. Create a pond with water fall.

2. Finish streambed, install pump.

3. Get cobblestones for front and backyards.

4. Space stepping stones in courtyard for grass to grow between them.

5. Fountain for courtyard and backyard patio area.

6. Buy a large tree to replace the mesquite.

7. Do more container gardening with trees.

8. Buy two spiral topiaries for front door.

9. Buy a permanent dining set for backyard patio.

10. Add two chairs or a conversational set for the courtyard.

11. Get side yard gates repaired.

12. Pave the area in front of side yard for a basketball court, both left and right side of house.

13. Add more desert tolerant yet lush plants everywhere.

Ok so these are goals I have. I will add and remove or rethink them as needed.


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